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Men Seeking Women

There is nothing new in the phenomena of men seeking women. It's being going on since the days of Adam & Eve and Anthony & Cleopatra. Men have lead armies across seas and deserts in pursuit of the women of their dreams. Love and lust are powerful forces that can distract a man to the point where nothing else matters. Happily though modern men don't (often) need 100,00 armed soldiers in order to persuade a woman to accompany them on a date.

Today's single man with love in his heart and desire in his loins will probably start his search for satisfaction in the same place in which he begins his quest for other solutions for his other appetites i.e. at his computer, and within a few clicks of a mouse he'll be able to see plenty of potential.

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UK Dating

Our UK dating site is populated from people from all over the country and all walks of life. Distance between singletons can be both a blessing and curse. On the one hand there is the obvious hassle of being able to meet for dates, but on the other hand the scope is so much wider.

Without the use of a dating site most men would not be able to consider candidates who live in towns and cities in the UK to which they have never ventured. Some single men and women who are now an item thanks to Love Generation lived miles apart when they met but one of them was willing to move to be nearer the other.

Online Personals

Just as the word singles has re-entered our vocabulary in a form that gives it a new meaning, so to has the word personals.


It's short for online personal ads and this phrase is in itself an abbreviation which includes another relatively new word - online. Many spellcheckers continue to highlight these and other words as spellling errors but they will have to catch up with the evolving language. The growth of the internet and the web has created hundreds of new words and phrases and other technological advances have done so too.

Dating - Matchmaking

So online dating is the new matchmaking, and although people continue to meet using more traditional means within their communities, through friends, and in the workplace, there is also a growing number of people who remain or who have become unattached. For one reason or another they may no longer be part of a social network that brings them into contact with others like them, if ineed they ever were a part of such an attachment, and dating sites provide an alternative for those who don't meet anyone at work, in their local pub, or in any social venue.

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