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Don’t forget the three Ps on your first date

First dates can quickly turn in to last dates if you blunder in to one of the three tender traps that can ruin the best of relationships in less than a minute. Just bear in mind these three ‘P’s – punctuality, phone etiquette and politeness and you may just find you both enjoy yourselves. The […]

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The Truth About The Frisky 50’s And Internet Romance

More frisky fifties have found fun and romance on the Internet than any other age group, according to a study. Out of 2,000 men and women of all backgrounds and ages, the over 55’s were revealed as the age group who have met more partners at an online dating site, attended more matchmaking clubs and […]

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First date etiquette for those awkward moments

Imagine the candlelit restaurant, the wine and delicious food and the conversation going really well for a first date. The comes that awkward moment The bill arrives. That carefully folded piece of paper ready to snap like a mousetrap on the first fingers to touch it. He picks it up, after all he is a […]

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