Trysting with your Lover in Coventry

Start at the Cathedral and let your imagination fly. Romance is all about creating moment; when you and your love approach the Coventry Cathedral complex. with its two spires side by side, representing past and future, you may well feel joined by a shiver down your spines. The original Coventry Cathedral, a 14th century landmark, was destroyed by German bombs in World War II, all except some outer walls and the three hundred and five foot high spire. The new erection was completed and dedicated in 1962 with a performance of the “War Requiem” of Benjamin Britten. They offer excellent public tours, sure to give you a historical background that you and your date will find enriching. Then, when you spend time sitting together in the hushed space of the new edifice, you will wonder just how long a moment may last.

After your moment in the Cathedral, visit one of Coventry’s formal parks. Caludon Castle Park, a stretch of pleasant lea, is dominated by the ruin of Caludon Castle, complete with three sides of the original moat. Again, let your imagination roam to images of feudal England, and imagine yourselves a chivalric knight and his lady. Find a quiet bench for a nice snuggle. At that point, if you are art aficionados, the Herbert Art Centre and Museum will be your cup of tea. Take in its permanent collection or the latest traveling exhibit. Then, go for a nice supper at one of Coventry’s five star restaurants.

Coventry has excellent theatres. Of course, it is only nineteen miles to Stratford-upon-Avon, home of William Shakespeare, and a romantic getaway par excellence. But, in Coventry itself, the Warwick Arts Centre. at the University of Warwick, offers an art gallery, a theatre, a concert hall and a cinema. (Only London’s Barbican is larger thatn the Warwick Arts Centre). Or, take in a play at the College Theatre, found at the Butts Centre of City College Coventry. Your other option is to take in a play at the Belgrade Theatre, one of the largest in Britain, and the first civic theatre opened in the UK following World War II.

Don’t forget to stop by the Coventry Tourist Information Centre along Priory Row; they will alert you to special events that may well be happening during your Coventry Tryst. Bottom line: though Coventry may not have a reputation as one of England’s most beautiful cities, when you slip beneath the industrial surface, you will find unique and historical sites sure to generate memory, and moments, to be treasured always.

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