Hidden Meaning Behind Those Valentine’s Day Gifts

That Valentine’s Day present you have thought long and hard about for her may mean a lot to you – but take care the message you’re trying to give is not quite what you meant.

For guys, picking and giving presents is a constant battle between the heart that wants to express what he really thinks of you and time wasted when he could be down the pub or on his games console.

So here are some popular Valentine’s Day gifts and what they mean to him and her:


Him: – I find you desirable and want to have sex

Her: – He wants me to dress up for him and take it off as quick as he can


Him: – I would like it so I thought you would too

Her: – He wants me to sit in the corner and amuse myself while he gets on with whatever he wants

Spa Treatment

Him: – Every women likes a spa treatment, it’s a no-brainer like chocolates and flowers

Her: – Does he think I could look better or don’t take good care of myself…and he expects me to go alone!


Him: – An expensive commitment

Her: – Wow! He loves me and wants to stay with me


Him: – I’m no good at buying presents

Her: – I know!

Tickets for a night out together

Him: – Spending time together is romantic and I enjoy it

Her: – If it’s something I like, that’s cool, but if it’s something he wants to go to and I don’t, then that’s not so good.

As you can so, what he thinks and what she thinks are often poles apart however well intentioned the thought behind the gift.

It just goes to show that where love’s concerned, guys are rarely winners, so they might as well sit back and enjoy Valentine’s Day by putting a little extra thought in to that special present to say ‘Love You’.