The Truth About The Frisky 50’s And Internet Romance

More frisky fifties have found fun and romance on the Internet than any other age group, according to a study.

Out of 2,000 men and women of all backgrounds and ages, the over 55’s were revealed as the age group who have met more partners at an online dating site, attended more matchmaking clubs and singles events than any other group.

The surveys, by YouGov for the Telegraph magazine Stella, also showed about six out of 10 (62%) of men and women over 55 belong to at least one online dating site like Love Generation.

Dating myths dispelled

The survey dispels a lot of Internet and dating myths – for instance:

The 45-54 and Over 55 age groups found more sexual partners on the net than younger singles looking for love – with each group bedding at least two partners in the year.

The over 55s are also more forward than any other group by setting up more than 8 dates a year from chats on the internet.

So the truth is that if you are well in to your 50’s or even retired and are finding love and romance from online dating services, then you are not alone as thousands of other mature folk seem to be switching on to romance with their computers.

More than half of men are seeking sex

Men and women in equal numbers are searching online for long-term relationships (68%), sex (56%), to socialise (39%) and companionship (44%).

About 47% of people polled agreed online dating was a great way to meet new people but about half considered many of the people they came across were ‘strange’. Unhelpfully, ‘Strange’ was not defined.

When asked about whether they lie on profiles, the same small number of men and women agreed they fibbed a little about their age, height, weight, their jobs, relationship, and parental status.

Most popular first dates for Internet friends who meet are evening drinks or a meal – and the man pays for 90% of dates.

More men have their hair done and buy a new outfit for the first date (50%) than women  (31% and 16%). Strangely, A lot of men varnish their nails as well (25%) compared with women (40%).