The Rumours And Misinformation Surrounding Online Dating

What keeps many people from online dating are simply rumours and misinformation. Without these rumours and misinformation scrambling our brains, we might actually be able to have a good time on date. Many of the things that we think about dating are simply backwards, and the only reason that we continue to do then is out of a misplaced and outdated sense of tradition that simply does not apply any more in the dating world.

However, though people may have already figured out that the blind date is one of the craziest things that you could ever do, they are still more afraid of what could happen to them if they were to consider online dating. They have heard all the horror stories: someone shows up and doesn’t look like their picture, someone shows up and has awful breath, a different person shows up, the person that is described in the profile is not the person that opens his mouth, and on and on we go.

Our question to you is if the pitfalls of online dating are going to keep you from finding your soul mate. The truth is, you are not going to get along with most of the people that you meet in your life. However, if you meet no one, then you are assured to get along with absolutely no one.

It has been said that everyone is born alone and dies alone. We believe that this statement must’ve been made by someone lonely enough to have had time to construct it, and therefore they are not quite the authority that you would want to trust when it came to social relationships.

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