How to survive moving in with your significant other

You’ve decided that your significant other is the love of your life so the next logical step is to move in with each other. Your relationship might be all hearts and flowers now, but it can be a totally different story when you take the plunge and share everything together, including your space.

The big move can harm even the closest of relationships, to give you a helping hand, and stop you from tearing each other’s hair out, we’ve compiled a small list of tips – you can thank us later.

Ground Rules
You’ve made the decision, you’re moving in together so now’s the time to set some ground rules. If you’re particular about anything in particular (KEEP THE TOILET SEAT DOWN!!) speak up now or forever hold your peace.

There are two of you now, and that means splitting the housework in half. Try to do your fair share to avoid the age old ‘I do everything around here’ argument.

Let’s Talk Money
BEFORE you move in together you need to discuss finances, how will the bills be split? Do you need a joint account?

Bathroom Etiquette
Aside from the odd communal shower, the bathroom should ALWAYS remain a private place! You don’t need to share EVERYTHING!

Get Out!
When you move in together it’s incredibly tempting to spend every night on the sofa, gazing into each other’s eyes, but it’s as important as ever to get out of the house – the more you live in each other’s pockets the quicker you’ll get sick of each other.

Grab Some Alone Time
Don’t forget about everyone else, you have other relationships that still need nurturing. Make sure you have some time to yourself too.

Make an Effort
It’s easy to get complacent when you move in together. Make sure you still show your partner how you feel about them; no one wants to feel unloved.

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