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Women Seeking Men

Women seeking men have never had it so good. Times have changed but in many ways things have got better. In our grandparents' day it used to be the case that most women hoping to meet a single man would have wait patiently for a suitable gentleman to ask them to dance, but in 21st Century society women pursue men just as readily as men chase women. Now no one is safe from the attentions of an admirer and single women can take charge of their destinies.

Isn't it convenient that any woman can register on a dating site and start her search for a single man within a few minutes of joining? She can view as many profiles as she likes and start contacting all those who spark her interest. In a matter of days or perhaps hours she could compile a short list of eligible males. Which one of these lucky single men is she going to choose for a date?

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Dating Services

Dating services can be judged by the results they bring. Most members of dating sites would agree that they look for an active membership, an easy to use website, security, support, and value for money.

Here at Love Generation we believe we score highly in all those areas. We know this because our customers tell us so. We receive very gratifying feedback from members who have used the site and who are now in a relationship.

Singles Dating

Not so long ago when people spoke of singles they meant the 45 rpm pieces of vinyl in the Top Ten or their own record collection.


These days singles are generally considered to be those who are unattached, and it's also usually undersood that those hoping ot meet singles endeavour to do so for the age old reasons of romance, love and passion.

So "singles" just another of the American words we have had to get used to here in the UK. Happily though we haven't gotten used to it!

Free Dating Sites

Cyber daters can choose between free dating sites and ones that charge a small fee for full membership. Some might think that the choice is obvious but the behaviour of online dating site members shows that a huge proportion of those using such sites are quite willing to pay for the service. This is because fee paying sites can offer more in the way of support, technology, and features. Free dating sites may seem attractive at first but unless they have already generated a large enough revenue from advertising they do not have the budget to pay for the full time administrators and support staff that look after our site and its members.

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